Although it makes complete sense for libraries to institute social media policies, I was astounded when Kroski mentioned that these policies “can help establish clear guidelines for staff members who are posting on behalf of the organization as well as employees with personal social media accounts” (2009, p. 2).  If the account is work related then I am in complete agreement.  What an employee chooses to post, tweet or blog about on their own personal account however, should in no way be controlled by their employer.  I guess my sentiment is based on the assumption that not posting work related material to your own personal account would be common sense.  That being said, I’m not sure where LinkedIn fits into this discussion.  Am I doing something wrong by posting my work history on LinkedIn?  What ramifications are there for a company I’ve worked for if I do so?  I also didn’t appreciate the suggestion that employees “Include a disclaimer on your personal blog and other social sites in which you state that your opinions are yours alone and not your employer’s” (Kroski, 2009, p. 2).  It just seems like too much of an invasion of an employee’s personal world by their employer.   

Kroski also recommends that one “Look to established policies for best practices and suggestions” (2009, p. 2).  That would be great advice, were there not so many policies out there to look to.  Kroski points to seven different policies for consideration at the end of her article (2009, p. 3), and I imagine there’s plenty more where that came from!

The concept of providing “employee training or orientation sessions regarding the use of the social Web” (Kroski, 2009, p.3) is interesting, and one that I had never considered.  I don’t know that training on the scale described by Swallow would be required in libraries just yet.  Who knows though, at the rate social media seems to be growing, it just might be necessary in the near future!

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