I can honestly say I’ve never really caught on to tagging – even on Twitter I don’t tend to add hashtags to my tweets.  This is likely a result of my lack of knowledge on the topic.  For this reason, I was really interested in finding out more about tagging in this week’s lesson.

When I first read about Delicious in this week’s lesson I got really excited!  How many times have I wished I had access to the bookmarked pages on my computer at home?!  What a fantastic idea.  I quickly found out though that I might not be as technologically savvy as I once thought.  After creating an account, I had problems figuring out how to add a bookmark to my account.  Once I finally figured out how to do that, I then struggled to find those new bookmarks in my account.  Eventually I started to get the hang of it, and realized that they’ve made it quite user friendly after you get over the initial hurdles.  I really appreciated the fact that I could find sites similar to what I currently like.  I’m really very glad that we got to learn about this site, as I think it will make my life a lot easier!  Mind you, it also helped me waste a lot of time while writing this post, as I started to check out a bunch of new celebrity gossip sites I had never heard of before.

I really liked the example given by Dr. Neal with regards to recognizing “the social utility of folksonomies” (Neal, 2007, p. 8) by pointing to a picture she had taken, and to which another user added a new, and really useful tag (Neal, 2007, p. 8).  It was a great way to showcase how something like tagging, which looks so simple when you encounter it, can be so helpful.  I definitely agree with Dr. Neal’s sentiment that “it seems counterproductive to simply dismiss the value of user-assigned descriptors” (Neal, 2007, p. 10).  As Dr. Neal pointed out, there are definitely drawbacks to the concept, including “misspelled tags” (Neal, 2007, p. 10).  But don’t most things have drawbacks associated with them?

Neal, D.  (2007).  Folksonomies and Image Tagging: Seeing the Future?  Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 34(1), 7-11.  Retrieved from http://www.asis.org/Bulletin/Oct-07/Neal_OctNov07.pdf